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Do Our Fresh Graduates Have The Ambition That Is Needed…….?????

on January 28, 2013

I wrote this during May, 2012

Coming home this time from my Boston trip is different, I have “A” with me and she is labelled as a graduate, and yes I am proud of my one and only. She also is labelled unemployed for now and I’m sure she will find a job that she will enjoy.. at Boston Logan Airport I ran into a young lady I had coached volleyball/basketball while she was in High School and she just attended her sisters graduation. She asked why “A” is going home so early and I said it’s about time then she said NO, she should stay for as long as she can. There is nothing to come back to in Kuwait. I said of course there is .

Kuwait is booming at the moment, but is it booming in the right direction? We have a large number of graduates each year ready to enter the work force. Out of that percentage how many achieve their goals and dreams? How many are able to make a difference? How many will want to wake up and say yes I’m ready to go to work with a smile and eager to be honest and give it their best….

I have the answer, but I promised myself that this blog is one of optimism, one that will encourage others to move forward and make a difference, it’s all about how you see things. One thing for sure.. keep those fresh graduates ideas and hopes running, because they are our hope to make a MAJOR difference in a country where it is MUCH neededW6761


4 responses to “Do Our Fresh Graduates Have The Ambition That Is Needed…….?????

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